Marie-louise "M"

You can call me M! I’m born and brought up in Sweden, just south of Stockholm and officially moved to the USA in 2016. I am an adventurer, a daydreamer and am happiest when I’m lost in the woods with a dog or on the back of a horse. While getting my bachelor's degree in Sweden I spent the summers working for some high end hospitality ranches wrangling horses and working cattle from dawn to dusk. I might not get your movie reference or be able to name the band (Rob’s your guy for that). I will however be able to show you around Europe, teach you how to ride a horse and join you on some epic hikes and fun adventures.

morning person / big-picture thinker / planner / skier / hate snakes / travel addicted / animal lover




I am a mountain boy from Lake Tahoe that grew up half of my childhood in Nashville TN. Due to the drastic differences in these two places I know that it helped make me the person that I am today. I've always had a very strong creative side as well as an extreme adventurous side. Drumming and photography have been the two largest creative outlets in my life. Mountain biking and skiing are my two biggest adventurous passions. When I'm not photographing (anything and everything that catches my attention) I'm most likely behind my drums or out on a bike or skis depending on the season.

perfectionist / loves physical challenges / chocolate lover / logical thinker / drummer / ‘expert’ camper


How we work together

and why you will have both of us there on your wedding day

VILD is truly a marriage between the two of us and would not be the same without one of us. Rob is the main photographer as he has a more creative and artistic mindset as well as more camera-knowledge. He will handle everything that is related to our gear and your images. M is more business-minded and will handle communication, planning and everything that's business-related. That's simply how our brains are wired and how we work best.⁠

On a wedding day, you will get the best of both. Rob will focus on all the "must-have-moments". Making sure that you are always in the best light, angle and so on. His images fill the majority of your gallery. As a bonus, you will have M there to smoothly handle communication between other vendors, your guests, and family members. Making sure we stay on track, not missing anything while Rob can focus on one thing and one thing only - to capture your day in the best way possible. Still one of M's favorite things is to help capture all the fun candid moments during your ceremony, cocktail hour and reception. She is also a big fan of your details and decorations! That is when we will both have cameras in our hands and photograph at the same time. ⁠

Over the last 3 years, we've found that this is the way we work the best to not miss anything, waste time photographing the same thing over and over but also to not feel rushed. By splitting up the tasks on a wedding day we can both give 100% and not be distracted or stressed. ⁠


Since we’re asking you to tell us your story - we figure it’s only fair that you know ours


How we met

We first met in 2013 while I (M) was wrangling horses on a ranch outside Yellowstone National Park in WY (right before starting university). I was living out my full American cowgirl dream (boots, hats and all) and had one of the best summers of my life when Rob came along.

I (Rob) was on an epic cross country mountain bike journey from Portland, ME to Portland, OR. I was planning on finding a lot of cool things and seeing some incredibly beautiful scenery along the way. What I wasn’t planning on finding was the love of my life, M. Both of us were absolutely covered in dirt, sweat, and grime after the day’s hard work but still completely smitten with each other.

Eventually, we both settled in Lake Tahoe (after 3 years of long distance SWE —> USA and USA —> SWE relationship-ing while M was finishing her degree), and that’s where our dream of VILD Photography really began to take root.

How we got engaged

My (M’s) dad, was visiting from Sweden and had been kind enough to take some photos of us both together as we wanted photos of ourselves.

I, (Rob) had asked for Rolands permission years ago and knew it would mean a lot to M if he could be there for the proposal. I also thought it would be really neat if he also could get a couple of photos of it so I asked and he got SO excited from the idea! All while M was getting ready (‘to simply go photograph behind our house’) I showed Roland a couple simple tricks so that he could best capture THIS moment.

Well out on the trail we stopped a few times to take some photos and Rob casually continued his little lessons. Once we made it to the top of the hill Rob started to pull me in really close and said some super sweet things right as he went down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes, yes and YES!!! This was all on May 20th, 2019.

Our Wedding

OMG! We’re SO excited for this part!! Since we’re in the middle of planning it now we don’t have much to share with you yet. We are however planning and brainstorming around the idea of having a mountaintop, elopement-style sunrise ceremony with an outdoor sunset reception in the woods. We just want to have a long, fun and relaxed day with all of our friends and family members.

We will not be accepting any inquiries within August 9th - 16th, 2020 as we’re keeping that as our “wedding week”.

We will be going on a honeymoon to Sweden and Iceland in October 2020.

Follow our planning process in our new blog series!