Two Locations, Two Texas Transplants: An Epic Engagement Session with Perri and Tyler

We met Perri and Tyler at one of our new favorite spots to start their engagement session. Still snowy, the bright white made a perfect backdrop for Perri’s stunning green velvet gown, the perfect formal choice for a winter shoot. The snow was still deep in quite a few places, making it impossible to avoid sinking in every now and then (we’re used to it by now).

Thankfully, Perri and Tyler were up for the adventure.

The couple, who are planning to move from Texas to California later this year, are getting married in 2020. (We’ll be shooting their wedding, too and we can not even begin to tell you how excited we are about it!) Fun, outdoorsy, and wonderfully outgoing, the two come to Tahoe whenever they have the chance so that they can enjoy all of the awesome outdoor activities Tahoe has to offer, like skiing and snowboarding this time of year.

Serious travelers as they are, the couple has journeyed together to Paris, Jerusalem, and Italy - just to name a few. In Tahoe, however, their favorite spot is Sand Harbor, which is why we headed there for our second location. Perri and Tyler switched into more casual clothes, creating two distinct looks for their engagement shoot.

We absolutely loved having both locations completely to ourselves, which made the entire afternoon and evening super peaceful and relaxing. At Sand Harbor, we simply walked in a big loop so that we got to go across the beach as the sun set. And what a sunset it was! The water on the beach was so still, it acted like a big, beautiful mirror for that famous warm Tahoe sunset.

One of our favorite parts about the shoot (besides getting to hang out with these two) was the incredible engagement ring the they made. It was crafted by reusing all of the stones passed through her family, making it as stunning as it was sentimental.

We can not wait for 2020 to come around!

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A (Almost Cancelled) Dreamy Winter Engagement Session with Ryan and Nina

If bright blue skies set against a wintry backdrop of white snow isn’t enough to make you fall in love, Ryan and Nina absolutely will. We met this sweet couple in February to take their engagement photos on the trails in South Lake Tahoe, but we almost had to cancel because of all of the (massive amounts) snow! Thankfully, as the sun started to peek out, we decided it was worth it to brave the snow - and Ryan and Nina agreed!

The couple, who met six years ago on a company softball team, got engaged at Lover’s Point in Pacific Grove near Monterey, California. Planning an outdoor fall wedding, the couple is (thankfully) adventurous, which means they didn’t hesitate to trek out into the deep snow with us in order to capture some seriously gorgeous shots.

Although we all fell deep into the snow at some point or another (sometimes all the way up to our hips!), we knew that since this was just a mini session (only 30 minutes) we were all going to be okay.

The couple dressed perfectly for the day - his bright shirt popping against the fresh snow and her gorgeous skirt (which she made herself!) being the perfect amount of statement-making formal you want for such a special occasion. Even Ryan and Nina’s dog joined in on the action (and wore the cutest red doggie sweater).

We loved meeting this fun couple and are so glad they were up for a snowy hike!

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Snow Fights + Wardrobe Changes at Chalet View Lodge: Jess + Rio’s Engagement Session

To say we love our work is an understatement; we’re seriously obsessed with what we do. Not only do we get to spend time adventuring outdoors, but we also get to meet super cool couples in the process.

Case in point: Jess and Rio.

The two native Californians, who plan on tying the knot this April (we’ll be photographing that too!), met over six years ago and both agree that it really was love at first sight. Looking for creative photographers who love the outdoors as much as they do, it was a great fit for all of us.

We ventured to Chalet View Lodge for the engagement session, the couple packing a few outfit changes so that we could capture all of the vibes they wanted. (Jess went from a weekend casual sweater to a gorgeous off-the-shoulder velvet gown to a cozy cardigan + boots.) Because the couple stayed at the property for the weekend, they had gotten familiar with a few of the places they wanted to have photos before we even got there.

Together, we explored the gorgeous mountain property, enjoying the fresh snow on the ground and strolling on a picturesque riverbank. The towering trees helped to filter the sunlight as it started to set - a cool effect especially with all of the natural textures we came across.

The couple really allowed their personality to come through as we worked, which made the day  even more enjoyable!

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Snow, Snowshoes, and the Sweetest Couple: Allie and Greg’s Engagement Session

Yes, it was freezing. And, yes, we should have had our snowshoes on just a little bit more just so we wouldn’t sink in too deep but we still did. But, this engagement session with Allie and Greg was still nothing but fun.

Accompanied by their two super cute dogs (Jadzia and Riker) and their parents (to help manage the pups), we made our way through the narrow and wintry trails in North Lake Tahoe with the newly-engaged couple. Having both grown up in Truckee, California, the couple has been on the hunt for the perfect venue - one that will match their fun-loving, outdoorsy personalities.

Having settled on Chateau at Incline Village for their big day, we were excited to set the mood by capturing some amazing views on our hike. And, since Jadzia and Riker will also be part of their wedding day, it was perfect to have them with us for this shoot. (Have we told you how much we love dogs?)

Although Allie warned us that her and Greg might be awkward in front of the camera (they’ve never done professional pictures together before!), they were anything but. So obviously in love and comfortable with each other, the couple made getting great shots easy. And, even though it was freezing, we all managed to stay warm by hugging, running and dancing with each other.

We can’t wait to work with these two sweethearts again on their wedding day!

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