3 Reasons Why We’re VILD About DUBSADO

Sure, DUBSADO is just a client management system. But, when clients are your entire business, it’s so much more. Dubsado is behind everything we do at VILD Photography - from emails and booking proposals, to contracts and invoices. Having everything we need to run our business (and run it really well) at our fingertips and all in one place has been a serious game changer.

We are in no way exaggerating when we say that, without Dubsado, our business would be dramatically different (and not in a good way) than it is today.


Reason #1

Because of Dubsado, everything we need to do at VILD is organized, allowing us to be efficient. And, when time is money, there’s nothing better than not needing to worry about managing the ins and outs of running a successful photography business. Really, we way rather spend our time being outside and photograph.

Reason #2

We came to Dubsado after using Sprout Studio for some time. Although we liked some of what Sprout Studio had to offer, we felt like our business couldn’t grow without us also growing in terms of client management. Dubsado is bigger, better, and stronger (Kanye West, take note for new song lyrics) - and exactly what we needed to support our expanding business.

Not only do the easy-to-use features with Dubsado keep us motivated, but the people at Dubsado are a dream to work with, too. That’s something we have found to be so important.

Reason #3

We LOVE the fact that Dubsado is similar to VILD in so many ways.

  • Run by passionate people? Check.

  • Started around the same time? Check.

  • Growing super fast? Check.

  • Always finding ways to be better? Check.

  • Committed to making real, human connections? Check. (Shout out to the AMAZING Becca who is always willing to answer any and all of our questions!)


And, if that wasn’t enough, we love Dubsado because they offer something that so few client management systems do: Customization.

As photographers, the way things look matter - a lot. With Dubsado, we’re able to design our own booking proposals, forms, and contracts so that everything our clients see matches our brand. It’s amazing.


Dubsado is seriously the best business decision we’ve ever made (aside from starting our business in the first place!) They help us:

  • Create lead capture forms on our website

  • Automate emails

  • Create reminders

  • Develop questionnaires to better get to know our clients

  • Take notes for our business

  • Create and deliver invoices

  • Connect with PayPal to process payments

So, in other words, you could say that we’re seriously crushing on this company right now (and are happy to share them with you, too!)

Use: VILDDUBSADO if you want to give them a try and get 20% off!

The 5 Best Places to Get Your Wedding Photo Prints

(And, yes, as you probably have already guessed, CVS is not one of these places.)

We’re always shocked by how many couples spend so much time and careful consideration choosing a wedding photographer, only to quickly print out their pictures at the same place you pick up prescriptions or buy hot dog buns in bulk. Just like choosing your photographer really does make a difference, so does choosing where you print your wedding pictures.

So, before you click “order”, consider these 5 places first to make sure you get prints that do your beautiful photos justice.

  • Pic-Time. Because pic-time is our favorite, we use them with all of our work. Not only do we deliver all our galleries with pic-time, but we encourage our couples to order their prints here, too. The quality is outstanding and designing products with the photos (like albums and holiday cards) is super simple.  Dubbed the “professional photographer workspace”, there are thousands of ways you can enjoy your prints - and each of them gets our stamp of approval.

Print Wedding Photos VILD

  • Basic Invite. A beautiful option for wedding invitations, many brides and grooms have heard of Basic Invite - and for good reason. Basic Invite makes creating custom cards and prints with your wedding photos easy and, the best part, they do it really well. They’ll even print, address and mail your cards for you!

Save the dates cards VILD

  • Artifact Uprising. If you’re looking to turn your wedding photos into a gorgeous album at a price you can afford, Artifact Uprising is a great place to go. They also feature stunning gallery frames to help you showcase your favorite shots in your home or give to parents and other special guests. Looking for a unique gift? The brass easel and photo calendar is a great way to give a gift that’s personal without compromising on quality.

Print wedding album

  • Shutterfly. This is one of the most popular photo printing sites and, as such, many couples consider going here to print their wedding photos. And, while they’re not our top pick, the quality is definitely light years ahead of your local pharmacy. Surprisingly, the canvas prints created by Shutterfly turn out really well and, because they’re affordable, they make a great gift for family and members of your bridal party.

Wedding gift print VILD

  • Snapfish. Another popular online printer, Snapfish is a good choice when you’re looking to create cards with your wedding photos. We’ve seen some really beautiful thank you cards printed from Snapfish and like how easy it is to design and order on their website. Bonus: There are almost always great promo codes available, so be sure to hunt for a deal first before placing your order.

Wedding images print VILD

The photos you print from your wedding will be treasured forever, so make sure you choose a great printer before spending your time and money. There’s nothing more disappointing as a wedding photographer than to see beautiful photos ruined by a less-than-professional printer.

Choose one of the five printers listed above, and we’re confident you’ll love the result!

// Rob & M

6 Things Your Photographer Needs You to Consider When Creating a Wedding Day Timeline

When you think about the details of your wedding, it’s easy to get caught up in the small touches - like handmade signs, personalized place settings, and signature cocktails. And, while important, one of the most critical details of wedding planning, the wedding day timeline, is often overlooked simply because it’s not actually visible to your guests. However, just because it can’t be seen doesn’t mean that it can’t be felt.

When planned properly, the wedding day timeline is what allows the entire day to go smoothly, giving professionals, like caterers and photographers, as well as your guests, the information they need to know what’s happening and when. Planning this timeline is also beneficial for the bride and groom because it ensures that nothing important gets forgotten - and that you never run out of time.

As professional photographers, we’ve learned that there are six super important aspects of your wedding day timeline that you need to consider. This information helps us know when you need us, where you need us, and exactly how long you actually need us to be at your wedding.

  1. Getting Ready Photos. Many couples love having photos that show them and their wedding parties getting ready. These intimate photos, which often happen at a venue different from the wedding, help to create a stunning collection of wedding photographs and allow couples to remember every moment. Knowing if you want these photos will help you determine if you need one or two photographers (one for the bride and one for the groom) and if you need more time with your photographers in order to capture these moments.

  2. First Look Photos. Traditionally, the first look happens as the bride walks down the aisle. And, while many couples still choose to honor this tradition, many couples today want to capture the moment in a more private setting. If you are wanting first look photos, be sure to include this in your wedding day timeline. Most couples who choose a “first look” session, ensure there is ample time between getting ready and the start of the ceremony.

  3. Cocktail Hour. Do you want to allow your guests to enjoy cocktail hour while you and your family take portraits? Or, do you want to enjoy cocktail hour with your guests? This decision will determine the rest of your wedding day timeline. If you choose to enjoy cocktails, then planning another time for portraits (that is, of course, if you want portraits) is crucial.

  4. First Dances. Letting your photographer know if you are doing traditional first dances (and how many) is important so that they are ready to capture the moment. If there are multiple first dances (bride and groom, bride and father, groom and mother, etc.), then you’ll want to make sure you’ve budgeted enough time so that your photographer doesn’t miss anything.

  5. Big Surprises. While it’s fun to surprise your guests, keeping your photographer in the loop makes sure that they are ready when the big reveal happens. Whether it’s a live band, a rehearsed rap, or a grand exit, give your photographer a timeline that includes these moments.

  6. Sunset Portraits. Knowing how much time you need with your photographer is important. If you are wanting sunset portraits (a great opportunity to get intimate shots or family shots, especially if you take part in cocktails), then be sure to budget for a longer session with your wedding photographer. In many cases, getting the best sunset shots require a slight change in location, so budget timewise for that as well.


Taking the time to plan your wedding day timeline down to the details ensures that you, your guests and all of your hired professionals don’t miss a thing. And, remember, your wedding day timeline should keep everyone relaxed - not on edge - so give yourself plenty of time between moments so that there’s never any stress. Want to make sure no detail of your day is overlooked? Consider hire a wedding planner and they’ll take care of your timeline for you! We can recommend a few if you need help.

5 Insider Tips for Perfect Engagement Photos

For most couples, engagement photos are the first step when it comes to wedding planning. Although we’re sure you already know, these photos are important. Not only do they set the tone for your wedding, but it’s how many couples choose to officially announce their plans to get married, which means they’ll be seen by everyone. In order to have a great engagement photo session experience, there are a few big things to keep in mind.

Here are the top five tips every soon-to-be married couple should consider when planning their engagement photos.

  1. What to Wear. Any search online and you’ll see that couples differ greatly on what they believe to be “appropriate” wedding attire. And, while there’s a way to make most outfits work, the biggest concern is making sure that you and your significant other are comfortable - and happy. Considering how important these photos are (only second to wedding photos), you’ll want to make sure that you love what you are wearing. Whether you choose to go formal (with maybe a long flowy dress and a nice dress shirt) or casual (perhaps your favorite pair of jeans and a t-shirt), above all you should make sure that the clothes reflect who you are - on your best day. Yes, we love casual, down-to-earth couples, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put some thought into the clothes you wear. (And please, don’t wear matching shirts and jeans - coordinate instead.)


2. When to Shoot. Photographers love working with light when it’s at its most magical, which usually happens early in the morning (sunrise) and just before sunset. Of course, the time of your shoot will depend on the season. While you can (and should) absolutely choose the general time frame for your photos (like desired weeks or month), let us help you decide when is best to shoot depending on location, season, weather, etc. The best advice we can give you is to clear your schedule for the day and make a DAY out of it. Go out for breakfast and spoil yourselves before your session or plan a nice dinner after - you’re all dressed up anyway.

3. Save the Date Cards. Most couples decide to use their engagement photos for their save-the-date cards, which means that the timing of your engagement photos needs to align with when you need to send out your cards. If you don’t have a date set yet, then this won’t be a problem. But, if you’ve already booked a venue and selected a date, you’ll want to be sure that we can get you your final pictures well before you want to send out your cards. Nothing is worse than feeling pressed for time or sending out save-the-date cards too late.

_P8A7355vild photography-photography-wedding-wedding photography-tahoe-lake tahoe-lake tahoe wedding photographer-nevada wedding photographer-mountain wedding.jpg
_P8A7320vild photography-photography-wedding-wedding photography-tahoe-lake tahoe-lake tahoe wedding photographer-nevada wedding photographer-mountain wedding.jpg

4. Location Options. Just like what you wear should reflect your personality, so should the location you choose. This doesn’t mean you can’t ask your photographer to come to your backyard or take photos of you at your favorite restaurant. However from our experience, getting outside and into the wild helps to bring couples together in a fun and exciting way. Even if you’re not super outdoorsy, finding a beautiful overlook or tree-filled grove can help to make your photographs feel special. And, if you are super outdoorsy, show it! Most photographers are more than willing to accompany you on hikes (or whichever adventure is your cup of tea) in order to help you capture that perfect shot.

5. The Perfect Photo. Speaking of the perfect photo, movement is absolutely key. Time and time again the best shots are those that capture couples interacting and moving with each other because they are the most natural. Avoid photos that look staged or static at all costs. Have fun together and don’t feel weird about starting a random dance party while you’re out. Kiss, laugh, hug, run, jump, simply have a good time and good photos will follow - guaranteed.


And, before you book your engagement session, be sure you do a thorough dive into your photographers gallery and portfolio of work. If you don’t love the photographs you see, there’s a really good chance that you won’t love the pictures you get back. In our experience, the more you can connect and relate to your photographers, the more likely it is your pictures will be ones you’ll treasure for years to come.