3 Reasons Why We’re VILD About DUBSADO

Sure, DUBSADO is just a client management system. But, when clients are your entire business, it’s so much more. Dubsado is behind everything we do at VILD Photography - from emails and booking proposals, to contracts and invoices. Having everything we need to run our business (and run it really well) at our fingertips and all in one place has been a serious game changer.

We are in no way exaggerating when we say that, without Dubsado, our business would be dramatically different (and not in a good way) than it is today.


Reason #1

Because of Dubsado, everything we need to do at VILD is organized, allowing us to be efficient. And, when time is money, there’s nothing better than not needing to worry about managing the ins and outs of running a successful photography business. Really, we way rather spend our time being outside and photograph.

Reason #2

We came to Dubsado after using Sprout Studio for some time. Although we liked some of what Sprout Studio had to offer, we felt like our business couldn’t grow without us also growing in terms of client management. Dubsado is bigger, better, and stronger (Kanye West, take note for new song lyrics) - and exactly what we needed to support our expanding business.

Not only do the easy-to-use features with Dubsado keep us motivated, but the people at Dubsado are a dream to work with, too. That’s something we have found to be so important.

Reason #3

We LOVE the fact that Dubsado is similar to VILD in so many ways.

  • Run by passionate people? Check.

  • Started around the same time? Check.

  • Growing super fast? Check.

  • Always finding ways to be better? Check.

  • Committed to making real, human connections? Check. (Shout out to the AMAZING Becca who is always willing to answer any and all of our questions!)


And, if that wasn’t enough, we love Dubsado because they offer something that so few client management systems do: Customization.

As photographers, the way things look matter - a lot. With Dubsado, we’re able to design our own booking proposals, forms, and contracts so that everything our clients see matches our brand. It’s amazing.


Dubsado is seriously the best business decision we’ve ever made (aside from starting our business in the first place!) They help us:

  • Create lead capture forms on our website

  • Automate emails

  • Create reminders

  • Develop questionnaires to better get to know our clients

  • Take notes for our business

  • Create and deliver invoices

  • Connect with PayPal to process payments

So, in other words, you could say that we’re seriously crushing on this company right now (and are happy to share them with you, too!)

Use: VILDDUBSADO if you want to give them a try and get 20% off!