VILD Photography’s 2018 in Review (And a Peek at What’s to Come)

Thumbnail photo by Ruthanne Z

2018 was an incredible year for us at VILD Photography, filled with amazing adventures, loads of laughs, and momentum. While our business officially launched in 2016, it wasn’t until 2017 that we began photographing weddings under the name of Robert Cole Photography. Sixteen official sessions later, we decided to go all in at the start of 2018, relaunching ourselves as VILD Photography.

And, what a WILD year we had.

Although we thought about keeping side jobs as a safety net as our business grew, we ultimately knew that not taking a complete leap of faith would leave us with a lot of “what ifs” - what if we did go all in? what if we didn’t fear the unknown? what if we didn’t give it our all right now and then never know?

So, with no “regular” job holding us back, we jumped in head first, moving framer rental home in South Lake Tahoe to Robert’s 98-year-old family cabin. Although we didn’t get cabin fever per se, we were definitely excited to start looking for a home we could really call our own. And, as luck would have it, we found it last June, finally moving into a super cute three bedroom home in Carson City, Nevada. Just a twenty minute drive from Lake Tahoe, we still find ourselves by our dreamy lake nearly every single day.

2018 was also the year we got ourselves a little Tattoo, our newest feline addition to our family (joining our other cat, Rascal, who was missing having a furry friend to chill with).

And, while we love to chill too, 2018 didn’t give us much time for that.

In 2017, we handled sixteen total sessions - only five of those being weddings. In 2018, however, we booked 55 official sessions and nearly half of those were weddings. We also did a number of workshops, like the Adventure Workshop, and a handful of gorgeous styled shoots (you can check them out in our gallery - look for Brennen + Melissa and Justine + Marlon).

For a new company, we were beyond thrilled when we found VILD featured in some awesome publications, including Tahoe Unveiled, BaM CoCreate, and Love & Lavender Weddings. And, as luck would have it, we also won The Knot’s Best of Weddings in 2019. But, maybe the thing that has excited us the most as we move into 2019 is the number of wonderful reviews we received last year. Knowing that we are helping people capture meaningful (wild) moments just sends us over the moon.

Still at the early (early) stages of 2019, we’re setting goals for ourselves, including finding a healthy work + life balance as entrepreneurs and new homeowners. With 21 weddings booked already, we know that we need to stay in our lane, focusing on what we do best and then feeling confident about finding help when we need it. And, one of those things we know we do best is investing time in our clients, getting to know them as friends so that we can bring out their absolute best on film.

Oh, and if we could nail that Instagram thing this year, that would be great too ;)

Here’s to an amazing 2019! Let the VILD ride begin!